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STD screening guidelines

Image by Deon Black

The intervals between screening vary according to risks. Additionally, guidelines may differ slightly according to the country and state that you are in. Therefore, this is not intended to replace individualised risk assessment and recommendations; you are highly encouraged to consult a doctor for counselling and an in-depth discussion on the best screening regimen for you.


Generally, individuals who are at increased risk are those who have sexual contact outside a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship with a single partner. This includes sexual contact with multiple partners, a long-term monogamous sexual partner who is in sexual contact with other partners (i.e., he/she/they are are having sex with other people apart from you, or a sexual partner who has had a sexually transmitted disease (STD).


Recommendations for the general population are as follows:


  • All individuals aged between 13 to 64 are recommended to screen for HIV at least once in their lifetime regardless of risks


Screening recommendations for the rest of the populations are as follows:

Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 03.08.11.png

For cervical cancer screening for women, the recommendations are as follows:


  • Women aged 29 and below should undergo cytology (pap smear) every 3 years

  • Women aged 30-65 should undergo HPV testing every five years


Other infections to screen for may include trichomonas, hepatitis C and herpes. These are not routinely done but may be recommended for certain populations. Please consult your doctor on whether or not you require these tests.

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